Why Harley Bags are regarded as an Icon of Style, Great Taste and Convenience?

Shortly after the emergence of the automotive industry, Harley launched a luxuriant selection of motorcycle bags that further validated the company’s dazzling quality and style.  Manufactured from hard material, Harley bags are rightly renowned for maintaining their shape despite the passing away of years. Listed below are some of the manifold features that make Harley saddlebags truly iconic and exemplary:

Exterior Charm Complements the Functional Benefits

Aside from the aesthetic charm exuded by these bags, they have several commendable functional attributes as well. The saddlebags for Harley have a smooth, glossy, polished exterior that enables these bags to retain an aura of newness despite the passing away of years. From a functional perspective, Harley Davidson bags have an extraordinary storage capacity and can easily accommodate your most revered belongings such as your lap top, search light, good selection of reading material and some extra clothing.

Rust and Weather-Resistant Features

In addition to this, motorcycle luggage produced by Harley is encrusted with rust-proof chrome buckles that can withstand a variety of dangerously humid weather conditions. Moreover, the water-repellent exterior of most Harley softail saddlebags prevents them from getting drenched or damp even in the midst of rampant snowfall or uninterrupted showering of hailstones.

Interior Pockets provide Additional Space

The expertly stitched interior pocket of these bags is ideal for the long-term storage of essential items such as key chains, medication, small souvenirs usually picked up while sight-seeing and chewing gum.

Rot-Resistant Stitching Ensures a Brand New Look

Apart from the quick release buckles of the bags, the rot-resistant stitching offers an altogether different artistic dimension to the bag. The reinforced stitching is resistant to wear and tear and will not depict an old, rugged appearance despite persistent usage.

ABS Plastic Back

The ABS plastic reinforced lid adds an incredible degree of strength and vitality to the Harley motorcycle saddlebags.  This additional protection afforded by the lid contributes to the long-term feasibility and durability of the bag.

Dual Mounting Options

The most incredible characteristic of these bags is the availability of dual mounting options. Throw over bags can be detached easily whereas hard mount bags are much more firmly attached to the bike’s sides.


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